Trying to find a source to absorb knowledge and implement them in our own creation is a daily life activity as a new developer. I’m especially intrigued by looking at creating clones of websites that are spreading on youtube or programmers blogs. I believe this is a great way to learn what type of programming language is being used in modern web and mobile applications and see what kind of improvement can be made, perhaps even make a better one of your own.

Upon recreating one popular website, I learned a bunch of things that I didn’t have time to…

So you just graduated from a Coding Bootcamp! Congratulations! That is a big achievement and not an easy one to accomplish. After all the intense learning and project building, you’ve come to a point where you start studying for an interview. Definitely do that, but remember to also polish on the basics of what you have learned.

Know the basics

“But I know JavaScript like the back of my hand!”

I’m glad that you are confident enough if you think this way, but being overly confident about something can be your downfall. When it was time for me to ask my interviewer a…

Photo by Charlotte Noelle on Unsplash

When we’re talking about creating an application with a map feature, people tend to think of using Google maps. That’s my first thought if I am going to implement one in mine, but I also came across a library that we can use in JavaScript and React to render a map.

DOM manipulation is the essence of JavaScript. Without DOM, there’s no JavaScript and without it, the digital world is just a static page that people might find a little dull nowadays.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Over the past 5 weeks of learning how to code at Flatiron School, I’m always reminded to not repeat the same line of code over and over (it’s a flag). Sometimes it takes a lot of my time during coding to refactor what I just wrote and end up spending way too much time looking at it.

Most of the time when we’re programming, we usually get caught in thinking what’s the best possible way to get this code to look good, “is this DRY enough?” etc. …

As a beginner and aspiring software engineer, you’re probably thinking about what kind of programming language you should be learning at first and which one is better to start with, and if it’s a good idea to remember all of the terms and methods you have encountered to be a great programmer in the future.

I remember my dad taught me how to open DOOM (a first-person shooting game) from a terminal one time during the windows 95 era, and I did the same thing the next day and the day after because it looks cool.

When I first thought…

Cannigia Laluw

Aspiring Software Engineer, currently a student at Flatiron School Software Engineering Program

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