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Roll the program, fix it later!

Over the past 5 weeks of learning how to code at Flatiron School, I’m always reminded to not repeat the same line of code over and over (it’s a flag). Sometimes it takes a lot of my time during coding to refactor what I just wrote and end up spending way too much time looking at it.

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Aim for Progress, not Perfection
  • Rails generate: this creates a folder in your application to put your code file, depends on what generator is being used. The main ones are Models, Controllers and Views. More on generators for rails here.
  • s => this will run the next function
  • c => continues the program until it reached the end of code or it reaches another byebug point
  • l => this outputs the source code that is currently being ran.
  • q => quit ByeBug and return to the program.

You’re Basically Creating a Prototype

You’re creating a prototype

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